Jade Hawreschuk

Jade Hawreschuk

Dear Penalynn and Zeppelin,

I am blessed beyond belief! How amazing is it that I have not one, but two rainbow babies!

I didnt know if I would have a successful pregnancy or how long it would take to hold my beautiful Penalynn after two miscarriages. But you came quickly without incident. Your timing was perfect. Just when we received news that my oldest sister had a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. You were what we needed to hold on. You're why grandma quit smoking and changed her lifestyle after her heart attack. We needed you.

And then I had an ectopic pregnancy burst at 9 weeks losing my one tube and possibly almost my life because the doctors wouldnt listen as I had no pain. Penalynn, you were so brave at only 9 months old.

Then here came Zeppelin. My second rainbow. Again, perfect timing. Just when I was jetting off to say goodbye to my sister. We receive the news the cancer metastasized to the brain. And then you were born with the most perfect stork bites on your eyelids. They call them "angel kisses" and I would love to believe they are from your Aunty Morgan.

Two rainbow babies. Two perfect timings.

I love you both so much! And I am beyond grateful for you. I dont know what I did to deserve you, but i wouldnt have it any other way.