Becca Marshall

My dearest Lily,
You were the greatest thing that ever happened to me. You changed my life and I can never thank you enough for that. As you will one day realize when you are a grown woman, which I know will come way to quickly, pregnancy and becoming a mother changes you like nothing you can describe. When I was pregnant with you, I went through sickness, emotions, body pain, no sleep, and I would go through that 5 million times just to have you.
When you entered this world, your father and I could not have ever been happier. You showed up late, but quickly because you were ready to bless everyone's life with the sweetness that is you. We didn't sleep, we made sure you were clothed and fed, every hour or so because you were the hungriest baby I have ever known. And I would do it again 5 million times just to have you.
As I watch you grow up, I am so happy to see you reaching these milestones and greeting them all with a smile. When you try and pull yourself up and fall, and you get upset but then try again. I know you are going to work hard and conquer everything you will ever face, and that is all I wish for you.
My goal is to raise you as a strong confident woman who knows she can do anything. You can be anything, you can do anything, and nothing is going to get in your way. Girl power is going to be solidified in your vocabulary, and you will break down every barrier that gets in your way to success.
Follow your dreams, be happy, make mistakes, learn from them, fall down, get back up. Be fierce. be kind, be gentle, treat everyone with kindness and compassion, be a good person.
Mine and your fathers love for you knows no bounds and will always surround you through your whole life. When I wake to you at any hour of the night, in the morning, and see you smiling at me, makes me happier than anyone can describe. You are my life and I need you to never ever forget that. Even when you are a teenager, and say you hate me for a million reasons. Know we will be there always, cheering you on.
You will always be my little baby.

Love mom