Kristen Varley

Kristen Varley

To my daughter,
You will be born with a fire inside of you that the world is already determined to stamp out. You will be battered with ideas of how you should look, what you should wear, how you should act and even of who you should love. Sometimes these ideas can become so consuming that you might even feel scared to just be yourself on any given day. Maybe even most days.
But, my darling girl, you must never let them take those flames from within your soul. For with every intrusion to your being comes an army of voices to bottle up the impudence. Voices that are finally being heard and taken seriously. Because, you see my girl, you are joining this world at such a pivotal moment where real change is just at our finger tips. You will quickly learn that you now belong to a team of incredible and diverse humans that I can only hope you stand proudly and in solidarity with when you’re old enough to understand. Until then, I promise to do my best as your mother to instil a strength inside of you that keeps your flames ignited (and no doubt you will let me know when you are ready to hold your own). Know that you are so loved already, and whomever you choose to be in this world, that will never change. Though the journey may not always be easy, it will always be conquered if you stay true to yourself and show kindness and understanding along the way. If I manage to teach you anything at all, I hope it can be that. Because though this world may be filled with intolerant humans, it is also filled with some pretty great ones. And now it’s your turn to be one.

I love you forever,
Can’t wait to meet you,


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