Sean McQuillan

Sean McQuillan

Dear Baby,

You have a life ahead of you that I could only have dreamed of. First of all you have two parents that will be there for you no matter what comes, our desire to teach and inspire trancends the previous generstions and I hope if you have children that yours too is even greater. I may work a lot, but know it's to provide a life for you my parents never could for me. I will take you with me every chance I get and show you the wonderful worlds your mother and I help make. We will support you in all your endeavors, even if we don't like sports it doesn't mean we won't come cheer you on. We are a small family, yours is one that lost many before you arrived but we will grow in friendships and if willing more brothers and sisters as well. Know that as the first there is some responsibility but there is also some pride to be had as well. If you take after us you will be dedicated but stubborn and we wouldn't have it any other way. Whenever there is struggle know it is always to make things better. Whenever there is joy keep that in your heart more than the struggle. I love you. We love you. We will build a strong foundation for you to do anything. You are the generation our families have been striving for since the beginning. You are and always will be loved.

Mom & Dad
Sean & Heather

Thank You Mom & Dad

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