Kaylea Lynd

Kaylea Lynd

Dear Kesler,

The moment I knew you were coming into our lives was the moment I fell in love with you. With each day while you grew inside me, I felt a deeper connection with you and my excitement to meet you also grew. You came into our lives with a surprise and swift entry, and the surprises have never stopped. Each day you have been with me has been my greatest gift, and just when I feel I can’t love you more, you make a face or pull a stunt that makes my heart feel like it will burst. You are 9 months old as I write this letter, currently asleep in your crib next door, and the thought of you getting older makes me so excited and so sad at the same time. I know you will grow into an amazing human being, and your dad and I will be there along the way to help you accomplish all your hopes and dreams. I just wish time would slow down so I could enjoy these precious baby moments just a little while longer. No matter where life leads you, I will always be your biggest fan.


Thank You Mom & Dad

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