Rebekah Flynn

Rebekah Flynn

It's been 1096 days of loving you.

You are my boy. My sweet, sweet boy.

Today you celebrate your 3rd birthday. You were born at 7:02pm on September 17th, and from what statistics state, the date with the most births.

I fell in love with you the moment I found out I was pregnant and my love for you only grew stronger with everyday. The moment you were placed on my chest has been etched in my memory. I thought my heart would explode. I felt love and fear at the same time. Fear because now my heart would be running around on the outside of me.

Do you remember those nights in the hospital? I sure do. You comforted me, Benjamin.
Those special moments are etched on my heart forever.

I cannot believe how fast these last three years have gone. You have brought so much joy into our home, but more especially, into my heart. You spread so much joy to those who know you.

I want to weep when I hear you sing.