Iftikhar Mansoor

My dear son,
Hope you are doing well. Before you came into this world, I want to let you know that I love you now and always.I planned so many things for you child.Thats why I'm now doing so much work for the betterment of your future.I always think that I will tell about all the mistakes of my life so you can never made that again to avoid the hardships that I have to came across dear.I want you to become a manly person who never breaks the heart of others and never do the things to other what you dislikes for you. I want my all childrens to study higher and concentrate on their studies because I was the one who can't study due to lack of sources.Just believe on God because at some places if your parents may not be there or unable to sought out difficulties of your's.So instead of finding yourself a helpless man you will always be able to make a connection to God because he's the one who can do everything and he is the one who can remove every obstacle from the way you are on.And when you chose a way never try to change that for the sake of the world,just think if you are on the right path and you are not going to ashame your parents then do what you are doing.If not then never try to do that whether it seems best path.I tried all these things in life so I want these rules for you also.
Deparately waiting for your arival my love.
Your mother & dad,
Sehrish bajwa & iftikhar Ahmad mansoor