Juniqua Stone

To my precious children life has been a journey i couldn't be any more proud of my creation, there was many times i felt down but seeing my kids face made me realize how much i have to keep pushing to keep you guys happy and feel the love you all deserve, you guys made me stronger then i ever could be you guys are the joy in my life nothing can ever compare to the love i recive from my babies,i will for ever love you guys and protect you God has truly blessed me with 3 little angels to my beautiful eldiest daughter never stop trying you will succeed in anything you put your mind to it. To my loving son keep smiling and never stop being the brave smart boy you are and to my little princess although your 1 you have the biggest heart ever always giving hugs and kisses making sure mommys ok always sharing your food an doing things to make me smile your truly a diva and finally to my son i lost a few weeks ago due to a hematoma although you where still inside the womb the conncetion we shared was so deep talking singing and reading to you feeling little movements while rubbing my stomach until i fell asleep those are the memories we will always share hearing your heart beat as strong as ever going to all those appointments then to months later not hearing no heart beat this was one of the hardest things and worst experience i had to deal with when i stopped hearing your heart beat at the ultrasound only God knows how hard it teared me apart giving birth at home just seeing you an holding you in my hand i can only imagine how amazing you would of been im sorry things went the way it did but i know you are watching over us God may have taken you way to early but i know that was only for a good reason an that he has plans for you all mommy can do is stay strong for your family an go through this process an keep my faith in God your siblings would of loved you very much may you continue to rest up in beautiful heaven from a proud mother of 3 loving kids xoxoxo