Sulaiman Okhade

Sulaiman Okhade

My dear Baby,

This is my very first letter to you and I am so happy doing this. I was born on the 11th day of May 1980 to the most wonderful parents one can think of. I was the first son of my parents and the second child. In Africa, my origin, a first son is the second father of the home and he is groomed in that direction to be responsible and a good decision maker. I was well catered for, attended the best schools in my community. My father built a family library in our house where we studied. I had one elder sister and four younger ones. We were three boys and three girls. As you grow up, you will know more. My upbringing was a wonderful experience and my parents did the best the could for me.

I graduated from the university as a mechanical engineer. With so much passion for computers, I switched to Information Technology where I was working as a network administrator in Nigeria. I came into Canada this year 2018 to join your mom then we decided to have you.

My dear baby, I promise you, as soon as you are born to this world, I will do better for you than my parents did for me. You will be envied, you will be happy, you will be loved. Your mom is already so attached to you as you are still kicking in her womb. It's so exciting. You are already the joy of my heart. Nothing will be better than being your father. I mean nothing.

In the cause of your life's journey, your mom and I will teach you lots of things most important of them is the golden rule which is to love ceaselessly. Love everyone as yourself even people that upset you and you will see how you will glide through life seamlessly. Always be kind to people even those you feel do not deserve it. In the end, you will have inner peace and be happy.

I don't even know you yet and I am already so in love with you simply because of the consciousness of your existence. You are our first seed, our joy, our shining light. It doesn't matter if you are a boy or a girl, what matters is that you are my first seed. My baby, we love you so much. We will do the best we can to make you enjoy your life and and live the best.

Let me tell you a little about your mom. Your mom is an epitome of a beautiful woman; inside and outside. She's even more beautiful on the inside. A gorgeous saint at that. Well, you have been inside her so you can testify that. Her excitement rises to ecstatic level whenever you kick. She really loves you.

Baby, I know I have promised to do the best I can for you but you must know that you are not born into a rich family, so, there might be a bit of ups and downs financially but I can assure you that in all, you will be happy always. You will always be happy because love brews in our home. Bountiful love, kindness and loyalty which we are bold to express. Love will comfort and cushion you far better than luxury and riches. So, my shining star, I welcome you with so much love.

With all my love,